Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Pakistani Student Develops a Foot Mouse

The foot mouse, as name suggests is an innovative computer mouse that users can control with their feet.
It is being developed by Mohammad Ahsan, a computer information system engineering student at NED University of engineering and technology.
This hands free mouse is a true reflection of Pakistan youth hunger and desire for innovation.
The foot mouse currently is in its development phase. Ahsan has designed three prototypes using different materials. Firstly using wood for the sandal’s structure, then rubber and finally with current composite material product, wooden base with rubber upper. The product is being further improved.
This innovation will significantly help disabled persons to work on computer effectively.
According to an Express tribune report, the association of the physically handicapped Adults (APHA) says that 10 percent of the people in Pakistan are disabled in one way or another.
Initially foot mouse was exclusively designed for people with disabilities, but later Ahsan found it suitable for every one. It can help users increase typing speed and can also be used as a pointing device for gamers.
Ahsan is planning to develop more products like a Braille keyboard which is currently not available in Pakistan. He is working towards the idea of ‘E can do IT’ which stands for “Every one can do Information Technology”. Main objective behind ’E can do IT’ is to make computer education easy for physically disable people in Pakistan.
Ahsan is seeking a manufacturer and investor who can help produce the item in large quantity and also market it.
No doubt Ahsan is a distinguished young genius of Pakistan and government should support his venture both financially and morally to uplift the image of Pakistan as a technology friendly country and thus bring more investment in the country.

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